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Tech Lead
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Tech Lead
Publié le 28 juin 2020


Gsquad is committed to provide teams composed of experienced software problem solvers and product builders, on an “as-a-service basis”. We work with Tech Start-ups and SMEs to deliver them the most complete and successful software engineering team they need immediately, managed by an experienced leadership 100% Agile to move their idea through to production, fast!

Being part of Gsquad is changing the way start-ups and SMEs recruit their technical resources offering them the best high-skilled professionals at a better price. Way more than just teams, we build a community of handpicked and passionate development professionals that have already worked together, and grow together, ensuring team chemistry and exchange of best practices out there.

Description de l'emploi

The Tech Lead is one of the key leadership roles in a team at Gsquad alongside the Squad Lead. The goal is to cross the finish line in a team effort. On a day-to-day basis, the Tech Lead communicates 80% with the contributors and 20% with the customer.
The Tech Lead acts as a software architect, a technology expert and mentor to their team members.

The Tech Lead is directly responsible for:

  • Understanding the customer’s environment,
  • Onboarding the development team (Squad),
  • Helping with the product roadmap planning, (product ownership),
  • Mastering the software development process (incl. Git – Github best practices),
  • Checking the quality of the code produced by the contributors and delivered to the customer.
  • Evaluating and coaching the team members,
  • Actively checking on the Squad members.

The Tech Lead collaborates regularly with the Squad Lead in order to raise concerns and remove impediments to ensure the team can meet its commitments and our customer expectations.

At Gsquad, we are big advocates of the Agile Manifesto and the methodologies — after all, this is what we sell: feature teams, in the true Agile fashion. So, it is absolutely essential for a Tech Lead to understand what is the essence of Agile — and a methodology like Scrum or Kanban — and actively participate in the ceremonies with the Squad Lead in order to define the backlog, work estimates, and the assignments for each member of their team.

Are you going to code? Sure, but understand that’s it’s not your primary responsibility. Your primary responsibility is to lead a team of software engineers. But, you don’t have to worry, when you’ll be joining Gsquad, we will assign you a mentor who will guide you through your journey with us. Occasional in-person meetings with client are expected.

Your profile :

  • Min. Bachelor’s in Computer Science.
  • Min. 5 years of experience as a Tech Lead.
  • Any programming language or technology expertise.
  • Experience in Agile (both Scrum and Kanban) environments mandatory.
  • A considerable asset: proven experience to collaborate on the development of a successful product.
  • Experience leading a development team remote.
  • Experience as a freelancer (self-employed), comfortable with time management.

Your qualities :

  • Consultant spirit, sense of product ownership,
  • Friendly, people-oriented, and patient,
  • Welcoming and open, especially open to diversity ,
  • Organized and results-oriented,
  • Considerate and empathic,
  • Challenging the client but respectfully,
  • Careful of the words that you chose,
  • If you disagree, you stay open and understand why.

Our value proposition :

  • 100% Remote team work : you will collaborate with team members working from all around the globe,
  • You work as a freelancer, and become your own boss.
  • Internal support from Technical management team,
  • Not a classic 9 to 5, working hours flexibility. Possibility to be working part-time (average 20 hrs per week) or full-time (up to 40 hrs per week).
  • You will be part of a community constituted of the most high-skilled software engineers,
  • You will be working on some challenging tech products,
  • True software engineering and Agile culture, all across the company,
  • Rates aligned to market standards.

Hiring Process :

  • Tech Recruiter – Video screen interview,
  • Online technical test,
  • Tech Lead – Technical interview,
  • Head of Practice / CTO – Leadership interview,
  • Decision
  • Onboarding to Pooling stage, until team assignment.

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